Machinery solutions

nks-demmerle: THE concrete mould designer and manufacterer for all concrete producers who want a big commercial success.

We exhibit our new designs and our new production concept at BAUMA 2013 in Munich Hall B1 Booth 437 (15-21 April 2013)

Production with NKS-moulds, ALPHA 100 and other machinery:

This is the advantage of our moulding technology: you can start a semi-manual production with a concrete silo, a vibrating table, conveyor and 100 moulds - or you can plan a full automatic production.

Steps, window parts and tiles can be semiautomatically produced with this plant and nks-moulds.

Tiles VENETIA, wallclading ALICANTE, ROTUNDA and other items are easily produced on this semi-manual machine:

Some pictures of a full automatic plant for the production of tiles with our PU-moulds:

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