We exhibit our new designs and our new production concept at BAUMA 2013 in Munich Hall B1 Booth 437 (15-21 April 2013)

We offer several hundert different surface structures, sophisticated designs and longliving moulds for:

  • Flooring tiles

    Amber Minerva
    Beaulieu Aranjuez
    Bergerac Nancy
    Clussy Vendōme
    Octa Sixta

  • Walling stones

    Alicante Belfort
    Gartenwall Preflormauer

  • Wallcladding

    Alicante Riverstones
    Jarny Lorraine
    Athis Montigny

  • Wooden look

  • Sleeper paving - 9 different structures

  • Log stepping stones - 5 different structures.

  • Paving stones

    Antik Avallon Bourgogne

  • Steps, gutters and borders in different structures

    Steps Border Gutter

  • Claybricks style

  • Different decoration items

    Frise Deco Randstein Lacoste

  • Swimmingpool borders in different structures and designs

  • We always develop new patterns and technical solutions. Please ask us for more information

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